Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Why

Not sure what happened to my wannabe dedicated documentation of all crap-going-ons during my "precious time on earth"... be it consumed by the upside down emotional merry-go-round that has me yacking up time and self respect, or that reverse culture shock as I have tried to retrace my roads and moments here; only to end up too exhausted to go through all the feels and deals of a backpack-life abruptly U-turned to the 9-5/high blood pressure/ear-shattering days & insomniac nights...

Which brings us to this near-to-cross-country hiatus brought to you by Kellen Carr and his orange dream-machine, 1976 Dodge Tradesman, with live entertainment by Lucas Dalager and attempted-to-be documentation by yours truly.

But, I'll try to spare all of us the lil bugger facts of the van-dwelling preparation and our real-life civilian income... (seeing that Uncle Kellen will not be returning) lets have y'all assume you know about the pull-out stove, and drawers he built with his own two hands under the bed in the back of his van, and the paneling and the sound system - that he has yet to wire on through - all yes, very rad.  Continuing on, if the end ever comes, the dream will leave Lucas and I to find our way back to California... granted 1) we DO come back and 2) don't get struck by lightning or a moose or a buffalo, cause who fucking knows what'll come first... 

Oh right, so why are we doing this? Leaving our comfortable homes, our comfortable jobs, and our comfortable interactions with a society that asks you how you're doing, but really doesn't care? (it's ok, I don't care either) Trust me, I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for the opportunities and the stability here, but I'm always hungry for more. It's just...searching beyond the feeling of fulfillment.  Honestly, this is a van of starving animals.

So, to answer any well-mannered questions;

Why not?