Sunday, August 30, 2015

Somewhere Sometime Swoon

Whoever said running away from your problems doesn't solve anything... obviously hasn't run away with us.

Portland 8/2015
shot with your average Canon 35mm

This getaway is the result of something more than your typical wanderlust withdrawal... as some of us find it difficult to relate with others during certain times of our lives, 2 of my best friends and I were all going through the exact same thing, making it somewhat more bearable for when we part ways again to take on the world. 

We stayed in an art studio in the backyard of a huge purple and pink house off Hawthorne Blvd.  Felt at home instantly... explored nearly all of Southeast Portland as we could by foot, until we found ourselves sprinting past the food trucks of downtown (and doubling back).  

We forgot about everything back from where we came from, as we find we always do.  And, there was [always] a second of a frozen breath where we already regret the return... followed by a revival as we talk further into the future, of being somewhere else.  New places are fascinating, and Time - even moreso.  While running from negative work environments, backstabbing, heartbreak and disappointing excuses for friends (let alone human beings) may seem temporary, we found it is all at least facing our backs... and when the Return comes, that is all the more reason to take a different route home. 

Portland Rose Gardens

O'Bryant Square

Oneonta Gorge

But overall, there is nothing more humbling and calming as breathing out enough to let ourselves be little.  See you again in a couple months Portland... until then, best wishes to M & B off to Oz and Bali