Wednesday, December 30, 2015


"It's just beyond the edge of that parking lot" - him

"What?" - her

"Everything else" - him

Lately I've been either the laziest writer, or the least motivated... I'll be realistic and settle on both.  That being said, it has also been both an absolutely fucked-up and amazing year as well... and all those other opposing adjectives that could exist in your average dictionary.  

It's been exactly 3 months since I left my desk in an awkward polygon-shaped office accompanied by standard mini walls, and a forever-missing stapler... 3 years gone lost in a haze, while making the sacrifices needed to travel the world amidst fresh faces and grieving the loss of too many loved ones at such a period of time.  It all went by so quick, yet feels like it's been 10 years.  Most mornings I've found myself waking up in a panic, and most nights I go to bed not too sure if I'm doing things right... til I realize there's no such thing as doing 'things' right, but doing The right thing... for you.  And if that means being rejected for being straightforward or still keeping an overnight bag in the back of a 2 hour commute to a job where I'm not too sure where I'm crashing... then so be it.  At least I'm attempting to stick to who I am, and the kind of person I plan on being.

There's some wishful thinking for ya.

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Amarillo, Texas

Somewhere in Tennessee

In a year, a month, a week, a day or an hour, we can lose some beautiful souls... our jobs... probably some self respect too and find it overrated to get out of bed most days... but we did it. 
This one's for Tanya, Rick, Mike... that hooker we helped get home one night, the spirit bison in Wyoming... to my Bests, and most of all to that god damn forever distant light at the end of the tunnel.

Say what you wanna say, when you wanna say it.  Do what you feel like doing, even if you're barely feelin' it (cause trust me, you be feelin' it).  

Maybe you have to quit your job... maybe you need to follow the wrong love in order to meet the right one... maybe you should just be selfish for a second, maybe you should give everything away... and maybe you gotta jump into a car at the last minute with a backpack and a bottle of whiskey in the middle of the night.  

2015, go kick rocks.

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